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Butterfly on Sunflower

Butterfly on Sunflower

butterfly on sunflowerA few years ago we decided to plant sunflowers in the planting beds bordering our sidewalk. Over the years we have attempted to plant various flowers and plants, only to have them die.

I have been known to kill a cactus, which is impressive in it’s own right and places me on a level so far from having a green thumb that plants shudder in fear when I enter a plant nursery.

I am legend. My home is where plants go to die.

With that said, it was to my surprise that not only did the sunflowers survive, but thrived and actually provided us with sunflower seeds. I honestly don’t know what happened, and nothing has grown in the beds since, but I’ll take the win.


To prove I could actually grow SOMETHING, I took my camera outside to record the evidence. In addition, I wanted some photos to try out a new technique in Photoshop for making black and white photos on. At the time, I belonged to an online photographer moms group. One of the “professional” photographers in the group went on a rant about people clicking the black and white option in Photoshop or in their camera, which actually is a grey scale, not true black and white. She posted instructions on how to make a black and white action, which I dutifully followed and tweaked to my standards.

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