Megbert of the Pot Dragons

Megbert of the Pot Dragons

Meet Megbert of the Pot Dragons

Megbert really doesn’t have time for this. She has yoga starting in five minutes, at the large fern pot near the front door. Are we done yet?

Give her an okay home, because she’s fine anywhere…really, its okay. Don’t go out of your way, she’ll be just fine. Okay, sure, maybe make sure she has some coffee in the morning. She may also need a yoga mat. Regular dusting, of course* (Full list available at bottom of post) 

About Pot Dragons

These small dragons bury a single egg in a freshly potted plant. The dragonling that hatches resembles the plant that shares its pot. Once the dragon reaches adulthood, they grow wings and leave their childhood home behind. You may not have even known you had a pot dragon, only to discover one morning that one (or more) of your pots had been knocked over during the night!

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*Okay, fine, she has a list of demands: she requires a room temp of roughly 72°, a non-fat peppermint mocha latte to start the day, a small TV to watch her shows, and low-fat yogurt. She will also require the aforementioned yoga mat, preferably made from recycled materials. Her pot must be taken outside twice a day, and watered only with Fiji water, not one of those cheap knock-offs. Her pot must must be fertilized with Miracle-Gro, hand sifted to get the uncomfortable bits out, twice a week, if that’s okay. And some hot chocolate. With marshmallows. And cinnamon. So yeah, she doesn’t want much. Only your entire life.

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