Meet Roger of the Pot Dragons!

Meet Roger of the Pot Dragons!

Meet Roger of the Pot Dragons!

Roger isn’t perfect. He’s received some nicks, had some near misses in the plant clipper department, and had to change pots once or twice. Well, he’s managed to survive. However, Roger may have made one itsy bitsy mistake today. While trying to get comfy in his pot, he may have stretched a bit too far, pushed just a bit too hard. He may have to sneak into another pot soon.

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About Pot Dragons

These small dragons bury a single egg in a freshly potted plant. The dragonling that hatches resembles the plant that shares its pot. Once the dragon reaches adulthood, they grow wings and leave their childhood home behind. You may not have even known you had a pot dragon, only to discover one morning that one (or more) of your pots had been knocked over during the night!

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