Meet Flower of the Pot Dragons

Meet Flower of the Pot Dragons

Flower of the Pot Dragons Wings!!! Flower is delighted that after so long, she gets to leave her little pot. She lasted through several pot changes, managing to hide in discarded soil until the new plant was potted. Each time, she slipped back in, envying her dragon peers blessed with more decisive, and greener thumbed, plant owners.
Flower, as soon as her wings dry, is out of here.

Please help give her a loving home!

About Pot Dragons

These small dragons bury a single egg in a freshly potted plant. The dragonling that hatches resembles the plant that shares its pot. Once the dragon reaches adulthood, they grow wings and leave their childhood home behind. You may not have even known you had a pot dragon, only to discover one morning that one (or more) of your pots had been knocked over during the night!

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