Meet Brandi of the Pot Dragons

Meet Brandi of the Pot Dragons

Brandi of the Pot DragonsBrandi spends her days peeking out from under the leaves of the Prim Roses she shares her pot with. Her nights are spent exploring the greenhouse that houses her little pot. So far she has managed to remain undetected by the gardener. She’s developed a fondness for the M&Ms the gardener keeps in the greenhouse (his wife has him on a diet), and the gardener is becoming rather suspicious about his missing candy…

Please help give her a loving home!

About Pot Dragons

These small dragons bury a single egg in a freshly potted plant. The dragonling that hatches resembles the plant that shares its pot. Once the dragon reaches adulthood, they grow wings and leave their childhood home behind. You may not have even known you had a pot dragon, only to discover one morning that one (or more) of your pots had been knocked over during the night!

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