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Month: September 2015

Why We Are Starting This Blog…

Why We Are Starting This Blog…

…cause we can.

Dave and I discussed starting up a photography business. Neither one of us are professionals, but over the years we have each snapped photos that we have ended going “huh…I like this.” For me, I’m really looking to improve my skills, not go pro. I love photography, always have, but it wasn’t until I had a digital camera that I really started experimenting. Which is true for a lot of people. I enjoyed film cameras, but seeing instant results help me figure out what worked and what didn’t faster. I’m an impatient person.

I had fun, it was something I could do even with young children around me. During nap time, I could set up a small studio in the kitchen (which has sliding doors that allow in a lot of natural light) and practiced different techniques while photographing store brought flowers.


I started out with Canon point and shoot that allow you to add on lenses (with which I snapped the photo above). Later, my mom lent me her Rebel. Then I upgraded to a Canon 40D… which I loved. I still love the 40D, but I’m shooting with a 70D now.

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